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The licensed surgeon and entrepreneur, Dr. Mark McKenna, was a student at Tulane University Medical School and received his degree upon graduating. In addition to having interest and success in the medical field, McKenna also has a lot of experience in real estate. He is the founder of McKenna Venture Investments. Mark McKenna ran this botique firm, which focused on real estate development, at the same time that he was practicing medicine.

To his dismay, Hurricane Katrina struck on August 29th, 2005, and it did a log of damage to the city of New Orleans, which eliminated most of his real estate interests. Despite this, he was heavily involved in helping to rebuild the community after this disaster, and he was one of the key developers of low income housing.

In 2017, he launched OVME and also became its CEO. OVME is meant to be pronounced “of me,” and it is a medical aesthetic company. Dr. Mark McKenna is determined to revolutionize the state of elective healthcare through OVME by leveraging the power of new technology and putting the consumer first.

After incurring large losses in the wake of Hurricane Katrina, Mark McKenna managed to raise over $4 million to create OVME. Soon after launching, OVME released their mobile app to attract clients. Two clinics were also opened in the cities of Atlanta, GA and Nashville, TN.

Dr. Mark McKenna got the idea for OVME while he was working in the industry of medical aesthetics. He wanted to expand his already successful practice and change the industry for the better.

Dr. Mark McKenna’s Social Media: twitter.com/drmarkmckenna