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José ‘Zeco’ Auriemo Neto is a very busy executive. He wakes up early and shortly after eight in the morning is already working in his office, located in a busy street in the city of São Paulo. Jose is wrapped in projects, meetings and papers until around 10 at night and it is not uncommon for him to work even later.Zeco’s routine, as it is known by his friends, is only broken when he goes to visit the construction site or present a venture to some investor, he rarely takes vacations.

One time he and his family traveled to France and he took the opportunity to schedule meetings with European investors.Joses Childhood was very hectic. His father was teaching him how to drive at the age of 9 and by the age of 10 was already driving on the beach and on the family farm. At 17, he was already involved in decision-making in the family business, even creating the JHSF parking development.At the age of 27, in 2003, Zeco became the President in place of his father, Fábio Auriemo.

As time went on, the company started to invest in different segments besides buildings: real estate incorporations, management of shopping centers, hotels, restaurants and even management of an airport are among the branches of operation in the company. Despite all his daily commitments, Zeco is devoted to spending time with his family. During his free time, the businessman likes to play golf, and spend time with his kids.

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