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When people think of McDonald’s partnerships, they think about Coca-Cola. Everyone knows that Coke tastes better at McDonald’s for some reason. Honestly, Coca-Cola isn’t McDonald’s most successful partnership. That title belongs to OSI Group, a company the public knows little about.

The OSI Group began as Otto & Sons, a little butcher shop in Chicago in 1909. Otto Kolschowsky founded the butcher shop with the intention of one day handing it over to his children. While he was alive, he saw his local shop grow into a regional success.

The crucial change in Otto & Sons’ history is meeting Ray Kroc. Ray Kroc approached the brothers about joining a venture he believed would be successful. By the 50s, Richard and Maurice McDonald already had a successful restaurant, but Kroc wanted something more than one location. He needed suppliers to build the empire of his dreams and Otto & Sons’ made the perfect partner.

The first official McDonald’s, Golden Arches and all, opened in 1955. The brothers joined Kroc’s ventures and became one of the hundreds of suppliers that McDonald’s used. Over the next 20 or so years, Otto & Sons invested heavily in bringing cryogenic freezing technology to their business.

Once up and running, they were able to supply McDonald’s needs much faster than everyone else. McDonald’s began dropping suppliers and stayed in business with only four U.S. suppliers. While McDonald’s evolved into a multinational success in front of the world’s eyes, Otto & Sons’ recognition came in more humble forms.

In 1975, grew into a worldwide success, alongside McDonald’s, and transformed into OSI Industries. Now, OSI Group is a multibillion-dollar conglomerate with offices and subsidiaries in dozens of countries. Headed by CEO Sheldon Lavin and COO David McDonald, OSI Group aggressively explores new ventures.

In particular, David McDonald has a deep connection to McDonalds and OSI. Like the companies, he grew in the Midwest and has been working with food since his childhood.

Contact OSI Group: www.foodprocessing.com/manufacturer/osi-group/