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Andrew Rolfe is an investor and a leader who main offer his services to numerous companies and advance them to be the top leading companies in the world. His successful development of numerous organizations is due to the devotion and effort that he put through when working. As the Senior Managing Director at Towerbrook Capital Partners L.P, he was able to transform the organization to be the best in all part of the world. Furthermore, he mostly deals with an Investment opportunity in the United States and Europe and another part of the world. Mostly the company provides hospitality, Food Service and retail which the main service.

Andrew Rolfe started from the bottom but that did not stop him from being that Managing Director and also head of J.Jill’s Principal Stock holder, Head of Private Equity and USA of TowerBrook. His main duty at the organization was to always come up with innovative techniques and as well always proving good management in the organizations so they progress. He as well always set a target that the workers in the companies would accomplish hence it led to them making a lot of profits. Working as the president of The Gap Inc.’s International Divison in the year 003 and 2006 he was able to offer latest market acceptance and international brand expansion. Furthermore, he acted as the Executive Leadership which was part of the staff member at Gap Inc.’s.

Andrew Rolfe was able to make a lot of achievement at Gap Inc.’s international with the establishing of more than 450 stores in all part of the country such as U.K., France, and Japan. In Japan, he was able to begin Banana republic while in Malaysia and Singapore he was able to start a Franchise business. He also made Pret A Manger Europe) Ltd the top retailer organization when he was the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the company.

Andrew Rolfe graduated from Harvard Business School with M.B.A and also from Oxford University with Philosophy, Politics. His main goal is to help those upcoming entrepreneurs to make it and be successful. He as well ensures that he attends to his clients before doing any other task.


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