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Victoria Doramus has been in the marketing scene for a while. And during

this time, she has successfully managed to show the world that she can d

more than one job and still shine. But before she became the celebrated

genius marketer that she is today, Victoria Doramus had to work very hard

to sharpen her skills.

Victoria’s background

Victoria started from a rather humble background. Before immersing herself

into the world of marketing, Victoria had to first of all complete school.

She began by attending the University of Colorado Boulder in 2002 in

pursuit of her degree in journalism and mass communication.

During her time in the institution, Victoria Doramus developed a keen

interest in writing. She would often incorporate her impeccable writing

skills in every aspect of her life. Apart from comprehensive writing,

Victoria Doramus also developed her skills as far as video, graphics, text

copying, and audio was concerned.

She would often mix up all these skills together and come up which

incredibly creative content that left many impressed. After a couple of

years, Victoria Doramus went back to school in a bid to refine her skills

in creative advertising and marketing. That’s how she found herself in the

Sotheby’s Institute of Art in London.

Jack of all trades

Apart from her superb marketing as well as writing skills, Victoria Doramus

is also famous for her charity work. Her pure love for humanity has also

been portrayed through her vigilant support for the Amy Winehouse

Foundation which is dedicated to helping young people kick off the

addiction to substances.

If she isn’t dedicating her time to charity, Victoria Doramus usually

spends her free time writing pieces for columns. Some of the notable

institutions that she’s had the pleasure of writing for include The

Huffington Post, Cosmopolitan, USA Today, Trendcentral, and The Cassandra


On top of writing articles, Victoria Doramus also happens to be an

accomplished author in her own right. Some of the books she has

successfully ghost-written include The Modern Girl’s Guide to Sticky

Situations, and A Century of Fashion; What’s Next: The Expert’s Guide among

other well-known titles.

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