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Krishen Iyer is the Chief Executive Officer and founder of Managed Benefit Services, which was previously known as Quick Link Marketing. His company is based in Carlsbad, California and focuses on offering leads, marketing, and consulting services in the health and dental insurance sectors. He grew up in California, and attended San Diego State University, earning a B.S. degree in Public Administration.



Iyer notes that their mission is to connect firms that are in need of marketing solutions with companies focused on lead generation that can provide them with the solutions needed. He mentions that the idea for the company turned up from the simple recognition that there is a pressing need for such services, and that they lack availability within the marketplace. Krishen Iyer says that a current trend that excites him is the increasing amount of specific marketing analytics that is available to them, which allows the company to refine their approach in order to achieve the best results for their clients.



According to Krishen Iyer, one strategy that helped him grow hi business was using advanced techniques within analysis and data collection, which allowed the company to develop precise growth strategies. The level of precision reduced the risk and enhanced the likelihood of efficiency of their strategy. When talking about up-and-coming entrepreneurs, he notes that it is important to understand that communication is a talent and a skill at the same time, and entrepreneurship needs the particular skill to be refined over time.



Besides his work at Managed Benefit Services, he also engages in philanthropic activities, being involved with the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Prior to launching MBS, he worked in the insurance field, establishing Iyer Real Estate Holdings. In addition, he founded MNP Insurance, a company which saw dramatic growth, being added in 2015 to the Inc. 5000 list.


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